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Published on February 17th, 2013 | by Mac Agenda


The online Apple Store is offering refurbished current-generation 21,5″ iMacs, with 1 to 3 Day shipping

Apple has added refurbished models of the current-generation 21.5″ iMac to its Online Store in the past several days, offering a faster-shipping alternative to customers looking to get a desktop Mac.

New iMac models on the Apple Online Store list a lead time of several weeks to get delivered, while the refurbished models claim to ship in 1-3 days, with $200 and $230 discounts on the low- and high-end 21″ models respectively.

Apple Retail Stores list mid-March as the earliest time to pick up new 21″ iMacs ordered online, but Amazon.com claims to have both 21″ models in stock $1,299 and $1,494 and eligible for Amazon Prime shipping.

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